Saturday, November 22, 2014

Spanish aid worker

The cooperating repatriated from Mali continues to show no symptoms of Ebola

22/11/2014 at 16:23 pm
  The Spanish aid worker, accidentally pricked with a needle that could be infected by the virus remains asymptomatic after spending his first night in the hospital Carlos III de Madrid. Moreover, this Saturday is over the period in which the medical staff who treated Teresa Romero at this center was under surveillance.
22/11/2014 at 16:23 pm

The cooperating doctor moved to Spain from Mali in the event has been infected with Ebola remains under observation in hospital Carlos III de Madrid without showing symptoms of having contracted the disease, health officials have indicated. The Navarre health worker, member of the NGO Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), is under observation but no insulation on the sixth floor of that center, equipped to handle cases of this virus.

The doctor came to the hospital Carlos III a quarter to eleven in the morning of Friday, from Torrejón Air Base after being repatriated from Mali, where he accidentally pricked with a needle that had been in contact with contaminated by Ebola material. Health officials explained that the cooperating will not be subjected to the test to see if it has been infected with Ebola while not present the symptoms of the disease, as has happened so far.

In the current situation, the health professional is not a patient, because he is not sick (no fever, for example), but a high risk contact observation. Since MSF have indicated that there is nothing new to report about his partner in the day Saturday. The cooperating remain for 21 days under observation in hospital Carlos III and in the case of having contracted the disease, as indicated by the Ministry of Health, have all the experimental therapeutic alternatives that are being used throughout the experimental -vacuna world antiviral and plasmapheresis.
The second day of entry of the cooperating coincides with the end of the period of surveillance to which they were subjected healthcare hospital La Paz-Carlos III de Madrid who attended nursing assistant Teresa Romero, more than a hundred doctors and nurses have not developed Ebola. During the almost 30 days he remained admitted to the Carlos III before discharge, most of them with strict isolation measures to prevent contagion, Romero was attended by over a hundred people including doctors, nurses, aides, orderlies and cleaners.

All have been or are being monitored by the Risk Prevention Service of the hospital; ie, has called them twice daily to ask if they had fever -37.7 degrees, or if they were wrong, as they maintained for 21 days is considered the maximum incubation period of the virus. In the case of the health care team, quarantine started counting after the last contact with each patient had until November 1, the day that analyzes determined that all fluids Romero were virus-free and therefore already there was no risk of infection, so that the insulation rose.

Controls for the healthcare personnel entered to clean the room Romero conclude next Tuesday, the 25th, and staff of the company's biodecontamination Wednesday. However, Spain is not officially free of Ebola until they pass 42 days after recovery or death of the last patient in the country, according to the criteria of the World Health Organization (WHO). Therefore, to reach this conclusion before we have to wait to see if the Navarre cooperating moved yesterday from Mali has contracted the virus.