Thursday, November 13, 2014

90 troops at Langley for Ebola monitoring

90 troops at Langley, a for #Ebola monitoring

 Troops from Ebola-related deployments arrive at Langley AFB for quarantine

Returning troops being monitored at Langley AFB have “no known exposure” to Ebola
HAMPTON — Ninety service members have arrived at Langley Air Force Base from deployments to Ebola-riddled West Africa to undergo a mandatory 21-day isolation before returning to their families.
The troops arrived just after 1 p.m. Thursday, according to base spokesman Alton Dunham. He could not identify the military units that arrived, but said they represent all four military branches, including airmen from Langley.
"None of the arrived service members had contact (with Ebola)," Dunham said. "All are listed as 'no known exposure.' "
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel ordered the isolation off all U.S. service members returning from Ebola-related deployments on Oct. 31. On Nov. 7, Langley was designated one of five U.S. bases that would monitor troops.
The base erected a "mini-city" complete with a fitness center, dining facility and Internet access in a training area now called Langley Transit Center. The facility can comfortably hold 90 people and by mid-December will be able to accommodate 150.
Returning troops will be monitored for 21 days, apart from family members and the general public. They will have access to phones and computers to talk with family, but no visits are allowed.
Last month, about 60 soldiers from Fort Eustis left for Liberia, where the African Ebola outbreak is worst. They are not among those in isolation, Dunham said.
Another group of Langley airmen arrived home Oct. 20, before the isolation period was imposed. They were monitored twice daily for symptoms of the deadly virus, which include fevers of 101.5 or higher, severe headaches, muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain and unexplained bleeding or bruising..