Monday, November 17, 2014

#Ebola: more than 570 people under medical supervision in Mali

: November 17, 2014
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Ebola: more than 570 people under medical supervision in Mali

Mali, last hit by Ebola, with four deaths in five cases registered in the country less than a month, said Monday it has put under health surveillance more than 570 people who have had contact with the virus.
All these people are linked to a Guinean imam died October 25 in Bamako, the capital, and not the first case, a two year old girl also came from Guinea and died October 24 in Kayes (west), which has resulted in any contamination, said the Ministry of Health.
Ibrahim Boubacar Keita President visited Monday afternoon to Kourémalé (120 km south of Bamako), which straddles the border with Guinea, where the Imam lived, found the AFP correspondent.
The Health Minister Ousmane Koné, one of the ten members of the government who accompanied him, said that "577 people were in touch daily monitoring."
A previous review was finalized on Sunday reported 442 people under medical supervision, including a doctor from the Pasteur Clinic in Bamako, tested positive for the virus.
"I ask you to be vigilant. We do not close the borders, but do not let anyone come in Mali without him washing his hands, and without taking his temperature, "said the Malian Keita medical corps in the border.
To give an example, the head of state has washed his hands and was caught temperature. He also addressed the population of Kourémalé local Bambara and French.
"We declare a war without thank you to Ebola. Take good habits. The Malian government has mobilized, "he was assured.
"I'm here to tell you that Ebola will be out of Mali. Our action plan is developed, it is clear, "he said.
According to the "action plan" that AFP was able to consult on the border, "all suspected cases must be initially quarantined, and a sample taken for immediate analysis."
Control of people from Guinea was strengthened, also found AFP.
"Before, there were several places of passage across the border. Today, there is only one crossing point, "said AFP Adjutant Moussé Kante.
Monday morning, the President visited Mali in Bamako contaminated doctor.
"Those guilty of negligence in this case will answer for their actions before the courts," he has said there.
Monday evening, the prosecutor announced the opening of a judicial inquiry to "determine responsibility in the case of Guinea sick" Ebola came to be treated in Mali.
On the number of deaths of Ebola, the record was still four: the girl first, and secondly, the imam, a relative, a nurse and clinical Shepherd.
The Ebola outbreak, which was declared in December 2013 in the southern Guinea, has died on 5177 14 413 cases recorded in eight countries, according to the latest report of the World Health Organization (WHO) stopped to 11 November.