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Bird Flu, Hundreds Ducks Convulsions

Bird Flu, Hundreds Ducks Convulsions
Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 | 11:07 pm  

Tasikmalaya - Not less than 740 ducks in District Cisayong, Sukaratu, and Jamanis, Tasikmalaya District, died suddenly.

Birds that died suddenly since 10 December. From the test results the Department of Livestock Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, the deadly disease from bird flu positive.

However, the Animal Husbandry Department could not confirm whether the attack that struck three districts with the bird flu virus is new or still kind of long. Mucus samples of dead ducks have been sent to a laboratory in the Department of Animal Husbandry Jabar Cikole, Lembang, Bandung.

Head of Animal Health and Society Fetiliner, Animal Husbandry Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Idik Abdullah, after a test at one location in the District Cisayong death Ducks, Monday (12/31/2012), ensuring proficiency level of hundreds of ducks died from bird flu.

"The characteristics are webbed white eyes, mucus from the mouth, had a seizure before dying," said Idik...

Bird Flu Plague Back, in 9 provinces

 Government Asked to Watch Out Log Poultry
Medan Tribune - Tuesday, January 1, 2013 10:13 
cegah.jpg, JAKARTA - House of Representatives asked the central government (local government) immediately anticipate the spread of bird flu virus that is caused by a new virus subtype AI
H5N1 clade 2.3.2.

Members of the House of Representatives Commission IV KH Abdul Hakim said that following the attack of bird flu has infected poultry in 9 provinces.

The judge also asked the affected area and surrounding local governments to tighten controls of poultry in and out of his area to prevent spreading wider.

"The attack of bird flu virus or avian influenza that causes sudden death in ducks, has now spread to nine provinces in Indonesia. It should be anticipated and solved in order to spread the virus is not growing
widespread. Able to tighten controls the entry and exit of poultry, especially those from the infected area, "said the judge in a press release received, Tuesday (01/01/2013)..

Prevent Bird Flu, Cage ducks in Tasikmalaya Sprayed

 Dec. 29, 2012 by BeritaTvIndo
Tasikmalaya: DVO Tasikmalaya, West Java, spraying the cages of ducks. Efforts were made ​​following the hundreds of ducks died suddenly in Tasikmalaya.

Duck deaths occur in Sub Jamanis, Cisayong, and Sukaratu. Allegedly, the ducks were infected with a new type of bird flu. Conjecture was strengthened by the results of laboratory tests and stating Rafid ducks suffering from the H5N1 virus was identified.

In addition to spraying, the officer was called duck breeders destroy the living. The action was to localize the spread of the virus. When transmitted to humans, it could be the death of its adverse effects. (RRN)

Official say no new illnesses after woman on VIA train dies

Official say no new illnesses after woman on VIA train dies

Provincial health officials reported no new or worsening illnesses but also offered no answers on Monday, after one woman died and three people were taken to hospital with flu-like symptoms having become ill aboard a passenger train Saturday morning.
A spokesperson for the provincial Coroner told the Globe and Mail a post-mortem has been completed on the deceased passenger, whose name has yet to be released, but no cause of death has been determined, and test samples have been sent to public health authorities for further analysis. Ministry of Health spokesperson Joanne Woodward Fraser said it is unlikely the province will release further information until Wednesday, after the Jan. 1 holiday...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

She and her relatives got on the train sick

Elderly woman suffering flu-like symptoms dies on Via Rail passenger train

 so she says..
 Last Updated: Dec 30, 2012 7:24 PM ET
..The 86-year-old woman, whose identity has not been released, boarded the train in Edmonton with two relatives, and suddenly died near Parry Sound, Ontario Provincial Police said.

Two cabins on the train, which had departed from Vancouver on Dec. 25, had been quarantined after the passengers said they were feeling ill, said Elizabeth Huart, spokesperson for Via Rail.

She said it was a decision made by both train officials and the passengers themselves to stay in their cabin.

“When [these passengers] boarded the train, they indicated to our employees that they were not feeling good. That they had flu-like symptoms, and it was decided that they would be quarantined,” she said Sunday. “Which means that they would stay in their cabin, and all of the services would come to them.”

The train was travelling eastbound through McDougall Township, about 15 kilometres northeast of Parry Sound, when the woman was discovered to be unconscious and unresponsive.

At around 5:15 am on Saturday morning, West Parry Sound Ontario Provincial Police and emergency workers were notified of the woman’s death. The woman was later pronounced dead by a local coroner.

After the woman’s body was discovered in one cabin, three other train passengers were taken off the train and sent to hospital for treatment, Via Rail said.

Ms. Huart would not say what the relationship of the three passengers were to the deceased woman, she said.

The train, which was scheduled to arrive in Toronto at 9 a.m. on Sunday, was delayed by the incident for six hours.

There were 200 passengers and 13 crew members on board, Via Rail said.

The deceased woman’s identity will not be released until the family is notified, said Joanne Woodward Fraser, spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

The body has been transported to Toronto for an autopsy, she added.

A post-mortem examination was scheduled for Sunday at the Office of the Chief Coroner, O.P.P. said.

Ms. Huart said fatalities such as this are isolated cases, and it’s very rare for passengers to be quarantined.

Bird flu outbreak in Bali ducks

Positive Bird Flu,
Two Thousand Tailed Ducks in Banyuatis Sudden Death
December 31, 2012 | BP

Singaraja (Bali Post)-More than two thousand ducks raised by a number of farmers in the hamlet Kuwum, Banyuatis Village, Banjar District positive for the bird flu virus. Initially, the new ducks imported from Tabanan was discovered by the owner diedsuddenly started five days ago. Now farmers in danger of losing all pet ducks. While the losses farmers varies between Rp 3 million to Rp 5 million.

Information collected in the field, Sunday (30/12) yesterday, in Hamlet there are about ten people Kuwum breeder for many years to maintain duck. This effort was involved because a considerable profit. Since the first, farmers were able to maintain duck well and despite the disease can still be addressed and not too result in huge losses. However, this time by way of sudden death to more than two thousand head of cattle duck threaten efforts in this area. Not only that, the new duck death of teenager that day tested positive for bird flu virus infected. 

Kadek Suasmini, a rancher said, initially he bought seeds ducks from Tabanan area as many as 230 birds. Seeds were imported in good health and had maintained with artificial feeding regularly. However, five days later his pet duck that died suddenly. Even in a day ducks were found dead suddenly and 50 tails. Until yesterday that is still alive 15 Itiknya tail and ensured the remaining ducks will not last long. '' Before he died, my ducks suddenly limp and often shook his head and part did not last long Itiknya dead,'' he said. experienced similar thing Ketut Kartono other breeders.

He claims the new 400 ducks purchased from collectors in the village Ringdikit, District Seririt also died suddenly. Symptoms death Itiknya same, and the carcass was buried near the site maintenance. Over this incident, Kartono admitted swallowing a sizable losses at Rp 3 million. After this incident, Kartono said he did not have the capital to continue its efforts. ''Because of ducks infected with the already sick of Tabanan it, I also got duck and run,'' explained Kartono as he said the cause of death was discovered after officers Itiknya vet declared the death was a result of contracting bird flu virus.
Meanwhile, Plt. Head of Department of Agriculture and Livestock (Kadistanak) accompanied by the Head of Buleleng Gede Dharmaja Animal Health (Keswan) Wayan Susila when asked for confirmation justifies the ducks in Hamlet Kuwum died suddenly due to contracting the bird flu virus. Dharmaja said, since the death of ducks, the official veterinarian is to make observations and take samples of the ducks that died suddenly. Officers also spraying (spraying) and inject disinfecting bird flu vaccine to farmers who are often in contact with the ducks.

In addition, samples were infected ducks has also been taken for examination at the Center for Veterinary (BB-Vet) Department of Animal Husbandry (Disnak) of Bali. As a result, the sample is declared positive for the H5N1 virus. '' We have received reports from residents and direct observation and spraying. The results of the study sample was positive ducks bird flu and until now we are still observing and localizing the remaining ducks were still alive,'' he said. According Dharmaja, even after getting the test results of samples declared positive for the bird flu, but it has not dared to make sure cause of ducks infected with bird flu.

Currently they are still tracing where the ducks are infected with the virus. '' Indeed, information from breeders there, there were brought in from outside the district and we are still searching,'' he said. Dharmaja added pascakematian Kuwum ducks in Hamlet, the next step will Distanak plans for extermination of the remaining ducks were still alive. This effort to break the chain of transmission of the bird flu virus that does not spread to other areas. To alleviate the losses ranchers, Distanak plan will provide compensation to the ducks to be destroyed it. However, when asked how much such damages, Dharmaja reluctant to mention because it is still waiting for instructions leadership (Regent). '' The rest of the surviving now about two thousand of the whole population of around four thousand heads and we will do the rest it will seek to culling and compensation for losses suffered relieve farmers,'' he said. (KMB)

Swine Flu Panic Spreads in Norway

30.12.2012 - Oslo

6 people have been hospitalized with swine flu on Saturday night.

In addition to a seriously infected child, five people have been hospitalized at Oslo University Hospital with swine flu. On Saturday night, a total of six people were taken to the hospitals in Oslo, Akershus and Stavanger, writes newspaper VG.
Only at Stavanger University Hospital, five adult patients have been hospitalized with H1N1 infection in the past two weeks. No one is seriously ill, according to the chief physician at the hospital.
On Thursday, an 11 year old boy from Porsgrunn died after being diagnosed  with the infection. On Saturday, it was announced that another child has been admitted to the intensive care unit. 
Until last week, 50 cases of swine flu (H1N1) were reported in Norway this year, but probably the real figure can be higher.
Public Health Institute (FHI) still recommend people who are in the risk groups, including pregnant women, the elderly, diabetics and people with chronic respiratory diseases, to get vaccinated against swine flu.

Indo-Wild ducks also die in numbers

Avian Issues, Animal Residents Hundreds die in numbers at the Banyan
Medan Tribune - Sunday, December 30, 2012 17:39, Lubuk Pakam Issues Bird Flu in circulation in the Village District Banyan Banyan Deliserdang, the article for now hundreds of animals die in numbers that have residents. According to the residents of this incident just happened last approximately one week. One resident said that if his chickens Kabulan dead teen tail, ternaknyapun now no longer.

"My chicken was already dead dozens ekorla, besides chickens and ducks there are also wild duck.'s Not mine wrote has come bandwagon tetanggakupun die too, hit the AI ​​is possible, because there was never like this chicken many people who die in numbers" said Kabulan Sunday (30 / 12).

Kabulan mention if his chickens before death seemed diem advance, death as had happened the next day. Not only is this the death of small animals also occur in large flocks.

"If it's dead so we do not burn planted wrote, when he died his head it looked blue, there are kinds of saliva in its mouth. Genuine deck one by one my chicken dead, open the cage every morning is dead" said Kabulan who lived in the hamlet Agreed.

Banyan Village Head, Poniman also confirmed the incident, in addition to the affected citizens themselves are also victims. "It's not because there was bird flu died suddenly, chickens sick people here die before he had a clear akupun hit, there were 20 animals die in numbers flock. Every day there was a dead aja" said Poniman.

Poniman admit for the moment have lost livestock chickens, ducks and wild duck. Before livestock was dead before he could inject the drug, but even so it was not saved peliharaanya animals.

"Average citizens are habisla cattle here, it had happened this past week, there has not previously happened like this, if they're dead in its mouth was drooling so. Hopes residents here dropped la relevant agencies, has lost berapani residents if the total for all people who keep chickens and other taxable "he said.

Meanwhile Head figs, Batara Harahap reveal if he has not received a report on the incident, dirinyapun localized plans will check.

"Ah true that many die in numbers, I learned from you.'s Check he later so we can be sure what exactly is happening because if AI problems that people can vote berkopeten" said Batara.

10 Britons dead in 2011 after getting flu vaccine

10 Britons dead after getting flu vaccine

Last Updated: Sunday, December 30, 2012, 21:02
London: At least 10 people in Britain died in 2011 following side-effects after being administered the flu vaccine, official figures have revealed. 

In 2011, there were 10 deaths linked to the vaccine, compared with 18 during 2008-2010, the Daily Express reported. 

In total, 458 cases of suffering from side-effects were reported last year, up four-fold from a total of 108 cases in 2009. 

The side-effects include asthma attacks and chest infections. 

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, however, said the increase may be because more people are logging their concerns rather than an actual rise in adverse reactions. 

The Department of Health said serious side-effects of the flu vaccine were rare but warned people they may have a slight temperature and aching muscles for a few days after the jab. 

The department said vaccination remained the best way to protect against a number of life-threatening diseases, including flu. Last year, more than 10 million doses of flu vaccine were given out in England, but there were just 0.004 percent reports of side-effects.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A post-mortem examination is expected Sunday

The train left Vancouver on Christmas Day. The woman who later died had boarded in Edmonton on Dec. 26 with two relatives.

Joanne Woodward, a spokeswoman for the Ontario Ministry of Health, said they are still awaiting test results to determine the cause of the illness. A post-mortem examination is expected Sunday.

Via says a quarantine was placed on the two rooms the passengers were in, it's not believed anyone else was in those compartments, which will be sterilized.

Health officials say it's not believed that other passengers or the train's crew were exposed to those taken off the train.

The local coroner was trying to determine the cause of death
 and the Ontario Provincial Police say the woman's identity was being withheld until all family members were notified.

Medical Emergency Onboard VIA Rail's Train number Two - Situation back to normal

Saturday, 29 December 2012
Version française

MONTREAL, December 29, 2012 -- At approximately 5 a.m. this morning, train 2 which was travelling between Vancouver and Toronto was delayed several hours near Parry Sound, Ontario, due to a medical emergency onboard the train. Four passengers were showing signs of flu-like symptoms. Local emergency services were dispatched and when they arrived on-site they confirmed an elderly woman had passed away. The other three passengers were detrained and transported to the hospital to be treated.

Additional information:
· Train 2 departed Vancouver on December 25th, at 20:30 and was scheduled to arrive in Toronto this morning at 9:30. As of 12:05, train 2 was on the move from Parry Sound and arrived in Toronto at 15:53 this afternoon, with a six hour delay.
· Train 2 had 200 passengers and 13 crew members onboard.
· In 2011, 109,000 passengers traveled on The Canadian.

The decision was made to quarantine the two rooms they were occupying. This is a standard procedure in events such as these and all VIA Rail employees implicated in this situation are fully cooperating with local authorities and are keeping passengers onboard the train informed.

First and foremost, safety and security is VIA Rail's priority for its passengers and personnel.

For any inquiries regarding the medical situation, please contact the media the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care media line at 1-416-314-6197.

For any questions related to OPP's involvement, please contact West Parry Sound OPP at 1-888-310-1122.

Woman dies, three fall ill aboard Toronto-bound VIA Rail train

An elderly woman is dead and three other passengers were taken to hospital Saturday after developing flu-like symptoms on an eastbound VIA Rail train.

The train, headed to Toronto from Vancouver, was stopped in Parry Sound, Ont., for six hours starting at 5 a.m. after an 86-year-old woman was reported to be unconscious and unresponsive. Emergency crews boarded the train and confirmed the woman had died.

The two compartments occupied by the passengers were quarantined, and the train arrived in Toronto just before 4 p.m.

The train left Vancouver on Christmas Day. The woman who later died had boarded in Edmonton on Dec. 26 with two relatives.

Joanne Woodward, a spokeswoman for the Ontario Ministry of Health, said they are still awaiting test results to determine the cause of the illness. A post-mortem examination is expected Sunday. The Ontario Provincial Police are withholding the woman’s identity until all family members are notified.

Health officials say it’s not believed any other passengers or the train’s crew were exposed to the ailing passengers taken off the train.

Train 2 was travelling eastbound through McDougall Township, approximately 250 km north of Toronto, when an 86-year-old woman was discovered “unconscious and unresponsive,” police said.

Paramedics pronounced her dead at the scene. An autopsy is scheduled for Sunday.

Three other passengers taken to hospital for treatment, Via Rail said.

Carrying 200 passengers and 13 crew, the train left Vancouver on Christmas Day evening and was scheduled to arrive in Toronto at 9:30 Saturday morning.

The senior, whose name has not been released, boarded the train in Edmonton with two relatives, police said.

Via Rail said it quarantined the two rooms occupied by the sick passengers, as is the company's standard procedure.

After about a six-hour delay, the train continued to its destination.

US State Department Issues Travel Warning for Haiti

VOA News
The U.S. State Department has issued a travel warning for Americans living in or traveling to Haiti, citing numerous hazards, including murder, robbery and infectious disease, mainly in  the Port-au-Prince area.  

The advisory issued Friday said "no one is safe from kidnapping, regardless of occupation, nationality, race, gender, or age."  The advisory says cholera persists in many areas of the country.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Allegedly Infected with H5N1, Hundreds Dead Ducks Sudden

Allegedly Infected with H5N1, Hundreds Dead Ducks Sudden, Tasikmalaya : Hundreds of ducks in Tasikmalaya, West Java, died suddenly. As experienced Bambang, a farmer in the village of Cikadu, Tasikmalaya. On the first day only 20 dead ducks.But the following days more and more ducks died. As of Friday (12/28/2012) yesterday, Bambang has lost 250 ducks.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Six Provincial Bird Flu Attack

GMU Researchers Discover New Variant of Bird Flu

Published on Dec. 27, 2012 by Central News
NEWS CENTER - Yogyakarta (AFP)

The team of researchers from the Faculty of Veterinary Gadjah Mada Summing up, there is a new variant of the bird flu virus. And the danger is no vaccine that can inhibit the spread of the virus.

Bird flu spread to 25 districts, out of 35 in Central Java

Watchful, 25 districts in Central Java Exposed to Bird Flu Virus
Author: Suparji Rasban Thursday, December 27, 2012
Bradford - MICOM: Bird flu virus suspected of causing the death of thousands of ducks in Central Java (Java) spread to 25 districts, out of 35 districts / municipalities in the province. Based on the results of the research Center for Veterinary Wates, Yogyakarta (DIY), virus the spread of bird flu is a new jemis allegedly sourced from imported duck. "From our results, it's 25 districts, which are exposed to a new strain," said the researchers at the Center for Veterinary Wates Rama Darmawan socializing after handling the bird flu virus in Bradford on Thursday (27/12). 
He said the fact the variant virus was H5N1. But the entrance lit vilogeniktrinya 2321. In order to combat the spread of the virus, which can be done such as bird watching transfortasi."In addition, bio-security , ie, maintain the cleanliness of poultry cages and in order not to wander outside the farm, "said Rama.
 According to him, so far there has been no vaccination specifically for poultry duck types, but the vaccine for chicken bird flu virus. "There is no vaccination for poultry and duck to duck type not allowed," he said. Rama said the number of ducks that died from bird flu in Central Java recently listed 80,000. However, he said, until now there has been no case of bird flu virus in ducks new kind of infectious to humans. (JI/OL-01)

Indonesia-Increase Government Readiness Prevent Bird Flu Pandemic

Friday, December 28, 2012 - 9:10 pm 

The Government is increasing the control of avian influenza preparedness in the region and across the state to prevent the outbreak or pandemic.
Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare (Welfare) Agung during a closed meeting about bird flu in the Ministry of Health (MoH), Kuningan, South Jakarta, Thursday (27/12) said that, so far bird flu or novel H5N1 clade 2.3.2 , there could potentially be spread to humans. This disease had just come on the creature poultry ducks and waterfowl.
Agung said, there are still many other issues that become obstacles in overcoming this disease, among them the compensation fund for the depopulation of poultry is still not available, the H5N1 vaccine in poultry and humans that have not produced a maximum.
"Traffic Monitoring illegal poultry trade is still lacking and local government institutional capacity to prevent zoonosi not optimal," said Agung.
To break the chain of transmission of bird flu, the government has tried to stop the import of poultry origin were terindkasi Austarlia transmitted diseases in an attempt antisispasi. In addition, the government was strengthening the dissemination to the public in anticipation of the disease can be transmitted to humans.
Closed meeting to discuss anticipated spread of bird flu was attended by several ministries include the Ministry of Communications (MOC) EE Mangindaan, Minister of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) Tifatul Sembiring, Minister of Agriculture (Agriculture) Suswono, Health Minister (Menkes) Nafsiyah Mboi.

Mass deaths of birds risking a catastrophe in Kafr el-Sheikh

Mass deaths of birds risking a catastrophe in Kafr el-Sheikh 
Revealed Watan Center for Human Rights Kafr El-Sheikh for receiving complaints of citizens in the village of Bloch and many other villages
Amounts of dead birds
Amounts of dead birds
 Of death of large quantities of birds without knowing the reasons for this mortality is likely to be due to bird flu as is likely, which represents a serious threat to public health of citizens, especially as people threw these birds in the streets and areas of space within the village and waterways, which represents a catastrophe if this dead birds infected with avian influenzaThe student Mustafa Algosaiv head of the Center homeland of human rights need to enter Engineer Saad al-Husseini governor of Kafr el-Sheikh speed oblige health and veterinary medicine and agriculture to obtain a sample of these poultry and dead birds and conduct the necessary tests in central laboratories to ascertain the reasons نفوقها and buried in a sanitary landfill safe pending the outcome analysis and make sure of the causes of death of such large amounts of poultry, beef Burullus.

Bird Flu Virus Mutation Not Transmitted to Humans

.. YET?? She is trying to hide something..Can you guess what it is??

Bird Flu Virus Mutation Not Transmitted to Humans

The virus was not harmful to humans
JAKARTA, - The Ministry of Health said the mutation of H5N1 bird flu virus or a new clade 2.3.2 is not contagious to humans. The virus is transmitted among ducks only.
Nafsiah Mboi Health Minister said the virus actually mutates very rapidly.Usually because of the weather and the environment. "Virus is actually normal way, including HIV and influenza, it is easily mutate. Various kinds of influence, either from the weather or the environment, and so on. mutations that can get the duck. During this not-to-human , "said Nafsiah at his office, (27/12). far the virus is not harmful to humans. "If the danger to me whether or not if he's the man," close Nafsiah...

Alert, bird flu has entered extraordinary case (KLB) in poultry

Alert, bird flu has entered extraordinary case

JAKARTA. The outbreak of the bird flu virus attacks the birds lately has been quite alarming. Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi said bird flu had entered this time the status of extraordinary events (KLB) in poultry in Indonesia. 
But he stressed that the status of outbreaks in poultry have not spread to humans. "For a human outbreak yet because the number of cases is still small," he told Cash, Ministry of Health office, Thursday (27/12).
Nafsiah said, has not been found in cases of human death for the bird flu virusclade new. However, we also can not be relieved because in some countries, the bird flu virus clade have caused new human deaths, such as in China and Hong Kong.
Today (27/12), he held a coordination meeting related cases of bird flu in conjunction with the Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare (Menkokesra), Minister of Health, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Communications in the office of Ministry of Health, Jakarta...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bangladesh: the destruction of hundreds of thousands of bird flu because

The Bangladesh government decided to destroy 150,000 and 300,000 poultry eggs after authorities detected bird flu outbreak last week at a company in Gazipur in the outskirts of the capital, Dhaka.
H1N1-infected poultry consumption commander was buried in the pits with strict disinfection (illustration)
According to an anonymous official request of the Ministry of Fisheries and Poultry Bangladesh, since last December 23, more than 100,000 birds have been destroyed along with nearly 250,000 eggs;, and there will be more birds will be killed.
Dr. Giasuddin charge on Avian Laboratory, last week, the bird flu was confirmed in a herd of 150,000 chickens in commercial poultry farms in the area Gaziphur said.
Bangladesh is considered as a country with a very high risk of avian influenza infection ominous in this country with a population of over 150 million people are at risk of contracting the virus due to lack of biosecurity, mixed poultry, egg sales as well as the lack of measures to monitor disease

further east to lombok..

Suspected Bird Flu Attack Region Masbagik

East Lombok - The umggas Masbagik died suddenly in the Department of Agricultural and animal husbandry makes Lombok Tmur malakukan checks directly to the location. This is to mengantsipasi the bird flu that emerged in this area.
Head Keswan and Veterinary Public Health Department of Agriculture and animal husbandry East Lombok Rachmadi Heru explained that they perform rapid test or rapid test at the location. From the test results of dozens of chickens that died suddenly was negative of bird flu.
Although the symptoms indicated almost the same as the bird flu, but the main cause of death of chickens which ende disease that often meneyerang the seasons change or transition. For ende disease in poultry is not dangerous because he is not including zoonosist disease.
Stressed symptoms in the birds affected by the disease in poultry digestive ende that distracted look of faecal dihasikan. Additionally bluish comb and head bent baiasanya poultry.
For a while the discovery of the disease ende still be around the area Masbagik only. While bird flu from lab test results are negative. To antisispasi disenfektan it still has that can be sprayed into poultry cages for free.Additionally it also remains alert to go into the field directly if there are public reports. (Ntb8)

Bird flu moves further east to Sidoarjo, East Java

SIDOARJO - Cases of bird flu lately been horrendous attack Sidoarjo East Java. 
Outbreaks of H5N1 virus was detected yesterday at Tamarind Village, District Sidoarjo.
Officer sprayed poultry coop owned Patience
Malicious virus attacked poultry and poultry owned by Sabar, 32. Patience a day-to-day complaints that raise chickens for yesterday afternoon was shocked when he saw a dead chicken. It is the seventh event this month.
One by one cock belongs Patient died without knowing why. '' In fact, every day I always love to eat and also cleaned the cage regularly,'' he said.
At first, he thought the chickens died due to illness usual. However, when examined, turns out there was something odd about the death of the chicken. Finally, Patience saw the dead body of blue chickens. Comb is also blue.
'' In fact, the day sebe lumnya no signs of pain,'' he said. Among a total of 20 chickens owned by Patience, now left 13 tail.
One of a chicken also indicated the virus. Many wounds in the skin of the chicken.When walking, the chicken looked limp. Patient admitted fear of the plague attacked again. Because of this, he immediately separated from the chicken coop measuring 3 x 4 meters. 

Bird flu infected chicken ‘disappear’..At the market

Bird flu infected chicken ‘disappear’

  • Poultry farm owner claims he destroyed them; Officials suspect foul play

When a rapid response team of experts, armed with chemicals and equipment, arrived at Surendra Man Basnet’s poultry farm in Bafal on Tuesday, there were shocked to discover the absence of any chicken.
Basnet, who runs the Manju Feed and Poultry Industries located at Ramkot-6 of Kathmandu, was forewarned that a government team was on its way to destroy all specimens of his bird flu infected poultry. He managed to disappear every single chicken he owned. “I killed and disposed of them all,” was Basnet’s short reply to the incredulous team, who believe that Basnet sold off his stock of avian-flu ridden chicken.
The Central Veterinary Laboratory at Tripureshwor had confirmed the presence of avian flu in the farm on Sunday. It is estimated that the farm accommodated around 2,500 chickens. Although the chicken were nowhere to be seen, the team of experts managed to destroy over 19,000 eggs from the farm’s storage.
“We disinfected the site but we can’t be sure about chickens, although the owner claims to have already killed them all,” said Dr Narayan Ghimire, senior veterinary doctor at the Department of Livestock (DoL).
Officials from the rapid response team, meanwhile, said the owner must have sold the chicken upon realising that the authorities would slaughter them all. “The infected chickens must have already reached cold stores inside the Valley,” said one of the officials on condition of anonymity. “If the owner has really sold his chicken, the problem will get worse in the days to come.”
Dr Ghimire said Basnet had violated the Bird Flu Control Order 2007, which clearly forbids the import, export or sale of poultry products suspected of infection. Dr Ghimire, however, did not reveal the possible actions that Basnet is likely to face.

Team to probe missing chicken at Basnet farm

The district administration office (DAO) on Wednesday formed a seven-member committee to investigate the disappearance of 2,500 dead chicken from Basnet´s farm. The team headed by Bol Raj Acharya, chief of District Animal Health Office, Kathmandu, will submit its report within three days. 

The team comprises DAO officers Binod Prasad Upadhya and Deepak KC, Bimala Khanal, secretary of Nepal Consumer Rights Forum, DSP Sarad Singh Basnet of the Armed Police Force (APF), Nepal Police Inspector Ramesh Shrestha, and Jung Bahadur BC of National Chicken Sellers Association.

CDO Sharma said the committee will observe the buried fowls and submit its report. "If they do not find the buried chickens action will be taken against the farmer," he said. 

Consumer rights activists had said that negligence by the authorities had put the lives of consumers at risk. Asked about this, Ghimire said it is the administration which is responsible. "We informed the authorities about the infection. It was for them to ensure safety at farms".

But CDO Sharma said DoAH was informed after confirmation of the disease and asked to help deploy rapid response teams. Basnet had informed the authorities that all the dead chicken at his farm were buried but was unable to show the burial site.

...The farm lies some 50 metres from a hatchery owned by Subirman Singh Basnet, where bird flu virus was detected and about 19,000 eggs were destroyed a day earlier. However, the rapid response team of the Directorate could not found chicken in Pokharel’s farm, Manju Feed and Poultry Industries. 
“We also dug the area where Basnet had claimed to have buried the bird flu-infected chicken, but we found nothing,” he said, suggesting that the poultry farm owner could have swiftly sold the chicken in the market. “He is in police custody for investigation,” he added. 

Kathmandu District Administration Office has formed a probe committee to investigate into the matter at the request of the Directorate. 

“About 2,240 fowls, 700 kg chicken feed and 105 eggs were destroyed by the rapid response team deployed at the site,” said Ghimire. “We will disinfect the place by tomorrow and will keep the place under surveillance.”

Gazipur-Bird flu infection: kaliyakaire quarter is killing chickens running

Bird flu infection: kaliyakaire quarter is killing chickens running
 The reporter, Gazipur
After infection of bird flu confirmed in a farm in Gazipur, Kaliakoir one hundred thousand 4 thousand chickens has been destruction. The area of ​​the farm is taken from the sample test report teliracala on the last Monday of killing the hen pranisampada Ministry. From the day I started nidhanakaja District pranisampada Department and district administration. The nidhanakaja calachila Tuesday.
Pranisampada Authority and the Department of the farm, producers cockerel Bay - an abnormal rate of poultry farms Poultry Industry ayagro died away. To determine the dead chicken samples are sent to the hospital after pranisampada District Center for Disease Laboratory.
Bay - owner ayagro Industry Major (retd) anichura by journalists, nearly a half million chickens in his farm. His death caused the damage claimed by the 0.
Gazipur District Officer Habibul pranisampada by the killing poultry for the last two days of the 150 workers are working. As a quarter million chickens being their destruction. Deputy Commissioner of Gazipur early yesterday Nurul Islam nidhanakaja visited the farm. He was told at the time, according to the official rules, the owner of 50 per muragiprati compensation will be given.

Indonesia-1000's of sick ducks go to market

well..don't you want some??
 Do you wonder how much time we have left?

Ducks for Sale Cheap Avoid Losses Due to Bird Flu

 (AFP). - Thousands of sick ducks in Central Java Cilacap sold cheap, bird flu (avian influenza) continues, the number of ducks are sick continues to rise, these conditions force farmers to sell sick duck cheaply, avoid bigger losses.Wednesday, 26/12/2012 - 20:12
Price duck normally Rp 50,000 per head by the breeder sold between Rp 20,000 to Rp 25,000 per head. "I duck that lived 2,000 is up I sell, when it starts to look sick directly sell cheap. If left to die, I've lost a lot mencapa hundreds of millions," said breeder Naryanto origin Sampang Cilacap on Wednesday (26.12.12 ).
It had to be done because he had suffered a huge loss of 4,000 of 2,000 peliharannya tailed ducks died suddenly, the losses should be borne by hundreds of millions. The remaining 2,000 have started to pick up, so that before the severe pain he was selling cheap.
Not just him, other breeders as Sarmin (36) origin Jeruklegi already sold some Itiknya. "Not until I sell have severe pain," he said.
Although the government banned the sale duck sick for the moment, but he could not do much, preventive measures by spraying treatment was performed but the disease continues to spread.
"The government could have banned but if dead, is there any compensation," said Sarmin who lost 250 ducks.
Naryanto who is also chairman of the Association Breeder Ducks Eggs Sari comprising 40 farmers estimate the number of ducks die in the attack, the AI ​​in Cilacap estimated at more than 5,000 head. "I have 2,000 dead, not including ducks belonging to members of the community who all contracted AI," he explained.

Tamiflu expired in Mojokerto - Wednesday, December 26, 2012 18:19 PM
The spread of bird flu in poultry that began to bloom in some areas has left the Department of Health (PHO) Mojokerto alert. However, DKKM ketar-ketir because stockpiles tamiflu (anti-bird flu virus) that is owned expired several months ago.
A total of 5 to 6 boxes or 210 tablets tamiflu submissions from East Java Provincial Health Office in 2010 and is now unusable.
"That period expired tamiflu for 2 years. Currently we are not asked to dinkes province," said Head of Health Office Mojokerto Cristiana Beautiful Revelation.
According to Lovely, the number of expired tamiflu tamiflu is also included that has spread to five health centers in the region Mojokerto.Because, all the result tamiflu submissions in 2010 when crowded sars virus...

Indonesia does not have bird flu vaccine for humans

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Indonesia until now has not had a prophylactic vaccine for the new virus variants Avian Influenza (AI) or bird flu commonly called H5N1. The vaccine is now a patron or antidote for AI clade 2.1, while the results of recent research has found a new clade variants of the AI virus clade statement was delivered by Professor of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Gadjah Mada (UGM), Prof drh Widya Asmara, SU, during a press conference with reporters at the Faculty of Sleman, Yogyakarta on Wednesday (26/12)...