Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mali: Two doctors are in isolation

November 13, 2014

Mali: The main shareholder of the Pasteur Clinic, Dr. Ben Baba: "We are seeking the support of the state for the management of patients" "We are the victims: Two doctors are in isolation"

Dr Ben Baba, cardiologist and president of the clinic pastor
Following the death from disease Ebola a nurse trainee Polyclinic Pasteur virus, on the evening of Tuesday, November 11, the principal shareholder of the institution reference Dr. Ben Baba, better known by the sobriquet of Alwata, cardiologist by profession, hosted a press conference at the Hotel Salam.
It was in the afternoon yesterday at the Hotel Salam. The Ministry of Health and WHO, which were due to him, are left invisible. Fortunately, his wife was there to accompany and support.
According to the narration of the facts by Dr. Ben Baba, trainee nurse died in his clinic called Salifou Diarra. Since then, the clinic is put under quarantine and monitored by security forces, including MINUSMA, which also has patients in the lot.
"A preliminary assessment has been made. An epidemiological investigation is ongoing. It will include many things. Meanwhile, it must be said that the Guinean patient Koïta Umar, 65, came to consultation on October 25 (Saturday) between 21 h and 22 h. He was admitted to the emergency. The attending physician, Dr. Doumbia, has examined and hospitalized.
I do not have yet not seen the file, but according to information I have been given, the patient suffered from pneumonia. Two days later, on October 27, he had complications. He died. The body was returned to his family in Daoudabougou, which then went according to our information, to make the funeral Kourémalé.
It was only well after the team from the Ministry of Health has informed us that the patient who died was a suspect Ebola cases. Immediately, the process of monitoring and prevention began: hand washing, taking the temperature at the entrance to Shepherd. This is not all. All those who have had contact with the old were listed and the Department of Health all addresses.
Saturday, November 8, the nurse trainee Salifou Diarra appeared at the clinic. He was hospitalized and isolated in a room, not without alerting the team of Prof. Sow in charge of the fight against Ebola epidemic. On Sunday, there were samples. The result of that would fall a few hours later, we were contacted forty-eight hours later, that is to say, two days after the death of the patient. (Note: this is called the doctor after death).
WHO, MSF, CDC and the team of Prof. Sow are now disinfecting the rooms. The clinic is quarantined. There are 35 patients hospitalized, 22 of MINUSMA. We have problems to feed them, to give them something to drink, because we do not have access to the clinic.
It is difficult that we could send them to eat through the security forces. Patients who are not doctors or nurses have to care for them. We want the support of the state for the care of these patients or their transfer, "said Dr. Ben Baba to the press. Before adding that he was in contact with the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Health.
He found that his normal clinic is closed for 21 days. During this period, there will be no consultation or hospitalization. Following questions from reporters, the speaker will argue that this case of Ebola was imported from Guinea, as the nurse trainee has been in contact with the old Koïta, who was imam Kourémalé. It also says that three nurses fled the Pasteur Clinic after the death of Salifou Diarrra, along with three other patients.
As for Dr. Doumbia, who examined the Guinean, it is under surveillance, while his colleague who was in charge of the nursing student, Dr. Djoumandé is declared suspect. What did tell Dr. Ben Baba "we are victims".
Finally, he insisted that the state should help them to manage patients through trained and equipped personnel. He also invited each other to observe strict hygiene rules on the matter.