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Suspected Ebola outbreak in Uganda old story with a new date!

December 21, 2013 - 23:13

 Ebola in Uganda than six people have been hospitalized with suspected.

The hospitalized cases of Ebola in Uganda in the case proves to be the number of those infected in this month will be increased to 26.

Go to the beginning of the outbreak of the Kibale Health Minister Stephen Bayaruhang, first outbreak in a village just now spread to other villages said they received reports that the.

A Bayaruhang outbreak occurred in villages where many people ill, infected with Ebola taken to the hospital for fear that they are not willing to be taken to the hospital, he said.

Ebola in Uganda so far captured 14 people lost their lives.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Two PNEUMONIC plague cases have been found in Madagascar

  Two pneumonic plague cases have been found in Madagascar, said a health official there. The pneumonic plague is deadlier than the bubonic plague. This new report comes after confirmation that there was also an outbreak of the deadly bubonic plague in the island’s northwest region in a tiny village.

Pneumonic plague can be transmitted from human to human without any involvement of fleas or animals. It is also the least common and most virulent form of plague, which can kill in less than 24 hours.

Bubonic plague was found in the town of Mandritsara in northwestern Madagascar last week. Twenty people and possibly more have been reported killed by the plague. This week it was confirmed by The Pasteur Institute of Madagascar that tests on some of the bodies from the village near Mandritsara showed that the cause of death had been the plague. However, the institute did not give a number of how many died from the outbreak.

Pneumonic plague occurs from the same bacteria, which cause bubonic plague, the so-named Black Death, which ravaged Europe by killing an what was estimated to be over 25 million people during the Middle Ages.

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 14 Décembre 2013 08:27

..The latest statistics speak of 41 deaths and 96 people infected in the space of three months. Mandritsara district in the North East of the island, is on alert . The delay in diagnosis and management have exacerbated the situation. Emergency measures were taken to stop the outbreak of this epidemic, including a campaign of extermination and temporary evacuations of populations at risk. The epidemic is spread by rats pushed houses including uncontrolled deforestation of the island.A doctor Branch of Health in Antananarivo said that 90% of cases took the form of pneumonic plague is worse than the most common form ( bubonic plague or Black Death ), because it can kill in three days. Garbage, poor sanitation and lack of respect for hygiene conducive to the spread of the disease. The capital is more than ever a place at risk. Scientists at the Pasteur Institute of Madagascar are particularly concerned that these cases occur outside the period usually spreads the plague .

Dongguan, a 39 -year-old man infected with H7N9 in critical condition

Dongguan, a 39 -year-old man infected with H7N9 is currently in critical conditionAt 20:38 on December 15th, 2013China news agency, Guangzhou, December 15 (Reporter Tang Guijiang) - Health and Family Planning Commission of Guangdong Province on the 15th Bulletin, Dongguan, Guangdong discovered a new case of human infection of H7N9 patient was a 39 -year-old man is currently in critical condition in patients whose 53 close contacts through medical observation , currently found no abnormalities.According to reports, the patient was a 39 -year-old man surnamed Ho , Nanchong City, Sichuan Province , who now live in Fenggang Town, Dongguan City . December 14 , Dongguan Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention for testing their specimens , showing people infected with H7N9 avian influenza nucleic acid positive ; December 15 , Guangdong Province, the result is consistent with the CDC for review .After receiving the report , the Guangdong provincial CDC dispatched night guard Planning Commission and the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, Institute of Respiratory Diseases experts , to assist in the investigation and Dongguan patient treatment. Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, and the expert group to rescue the patient , and conduct epidemiological investigations immediately.Health departments of the 53 patients who were in close contact with medical observation , and given anti-flu drugs Tamiflu prophylaxis is not currently found abnormalities


...After preliminary investigation , the patient started on December 6 with fever , headache and fatigue and discomfort, did not improve after the self-medication , he worked in a local clinic , Fenggang town , 11 to Fenggang hospital treatment , 13 patients with dyspnea was progressively increased transferred to ICU treatment.
Currently , Dongguan City has launched a human infection with H7N9 avian influenza emergency response mechanism , sent municipal medical treatment expert group stationed in Fenggang Hospital and Medical Device with the best treatment , medical treatment under the guidance of the expert group of the province , to treat patients. Currently initially identified in close contact with the relevant medical staff and other patients and their families a total of 53 people , will be a week-long medical observation . Fenggang town in the area, all medical institutions will carry out surveillance of ILI cases of pneumonia and fever surveillance .

Add one case of H7N9 bird flu in Guangdong critically ill patients

At 18:27 on December 15 2013 Nanfang Daily , I have something to say ( 16 participants )Nanfang Daily ( Reporter / Correspondent Luo Xiao Hua / Guangdong Wilson ) afternoon , the Guangdong Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission informed , Guangdong new case of human infection of H7N9 avian influenza.

It is understood why some patients , male, 39 years old , Nanchong City , Sichuan Province , who now live in Fenggang Town, Dongguan City . December 14 , Dongguan Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention throat swab specimens of patients infected with human H7N9 avian influenza nucleic acid as positive. December 15 provinces by the CDC to review the results for the same. Currently patients in critical condition .
After receiving the report , the Provincial Planning Commission that night sent the provincial CDC Guardian First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, Institute of Respiratory Diseases , Dongguan experts to assist in the investigation and treatment of patients . Provinces expert group to rescue the patient , carry out epidemiological investigations immediately on 53 close contacts were under medical observation , and given the anti- flu drug Tamiflu to prevent, not currently found exception.

: Failed « Central » in the diagnosis « Corona » kills Fawaz

Sakaka - Abdulaziz Nabati
Sunday, December 15th, 2013
Fawaz cruiser died young (37 years ) after spending more than two weeks in intensive care in a hospital in the city of Prince Abdul Rahman Al-Sudairy Sakaka without hospital diagnosed health condition accurately .

Friends and revealed a young man 's «life » that Fawaz wounded Pfyrus « Corona » since that enter the intensive care unit at the hospital , surprising discreetly from the hospital to detect the injury Fawaz Balvyrus .

He said that the hospital with a case of complacency Fawaz and not to deal with it as it should , that led to the bad condition of Fawaz health until his death yesterday .

Furthermore, din Mgrdon in the social networking site « Twitter » created Hashtaq behalf (# Fawaz _ cruiser _ need _ evacuation _ Urgent ) , anger after the announcement of his death yesterday , Mstgrbin of survival Fawaz in the hospital without evacuate to a specialized hospital until they are diagnosed condition and treatment in the absence of necessary medical potential in the central hospital .

The «life» published on ( Tuesday ) last topic about the inability of the central hospital for diagnosis if Fawaz , mention was made of the level of care low in the hospital « Central » , in addition to « confusion » of clinical staff and administration in the treatment of patients with Pfyrus « Corona » , has contributed to the spread of rumors several warns people of the region to come to the hospital because of an outbreak of the virus within the corridors of the hospital.

The Hospital, Prince Abdul Rahman Al-Sudairy is one of the oldest hospitals in the region and has conducted ongoing reforms did not intercede to him that has the confidence of the people of the region , and who rely too much on hospitals and specialized treatment centers at home and abroad for treatment.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

the death of Fawaz

The news
News Sakaka
Yes. Died before the death of Fawaz conscience and humanity before I went go Fawaz.
Yes. Died before the death of Fawaz conscience and humanity before I went go Fawaz.
02-11-1435 10:42 AM Hollow news: (private) Majid Al Rwaili

We were waiting for radiation sun and a glimmer of hope when you publish suffering (Fawaz cruiser), which suffered a lot during his stay intensive care and doctors are standing idly by., But disappointed hope and Antafit candle we thought that remain radioactive thanks to God and the hearts closed pulses toward the subject, despite the existence or humanity to it.
It was cheap that a person dies without stops wishers and health officials.
 Yeah Matt conscience before the death of Fawaz and went humanity before go Fawaz ... despite the fact that the newspaper story Hollow to publish the news a few days ago and installed to try to (treat) but to no avail due to lack of credibility of the future news from Ministry of Health officials oblivious to all the ills of the world as if it happened to one of those officials or their relatives ask God to one of wellness.

Fawaz cruiser after his family's appeal for health officials to more than once for the possibility of treatment and evacuated to a hospital specialist Despite his deteriorating health, and the difficulty of his condition, died today.

China detects H7N9 bird flu in Shenzhen

 Thursday, 12.12.2013, 12:04 (GMT +7)
(SGGPO.) - 12-12 days Xinhua reported that the Shenzhen health authorities declared detect avian influenza H7N9 virus in two cargo Gang and Kang Qiao. The second sample taken from the market gave a positive result for H7N9 virus.
Meanwhile, the Committee of Health and family planning said Guangdong H7N9 virus was detected in three samples of blood and urine taken from live poultry stalls in two markets in Longgang district also belong Shenzhen City.
Authorities conducted in Shenzhen H7N9 influenza virus in test markets after much doubt this is the source of new infections detected after 2 H7N9 influenza virus infection in Hong Kong (China). The first cases was a woman nationality Indonesian maid, who was traveling to the city of Shenzhen and have contact with live poultry in here. Second victim was a 80-year-old man from living in the city of Shenzhen.

Housewife detention on suspicion of being infected with bird flu Menoufia

Housewife detention on suspicion of being infected with bird flu Menoufia

Saturday 12/14/2013 - 13:33
Detained hospital fevers Shebin in Menoufia Governorate , housewife Batanoon resident in the village of the center after suspected of being infected with bird flu .Confirmed Dr. Hana pleasure Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Menoufia had been detained toxicity Sharif 28 years old housewife, resident of the village of Batanoon Bmchwy diets after the appearance of the symptoms of flu Tabaor of Ge and diarrhea and high fever after coming into contact with domestic birds and dead animals .And Hughes added that it had been notified of the concerned authorities of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine , and taking samples to be sent to the central laboratory for analysis and action.

«Health» faces «Corona» therapeutic and preventative and an awareness

Discuss scored the virus at a meeting in Kuwait b «World Health»

«Health» faces «Corona» therapeutic and preventative and an awareness

Saturday, December 14th, 2013
 At a time when Prime rapid intervention to counter the virus Corona d. Ghanem Hujaylan in a press statement recently that he was eliminated «virus», contain and cure the first case of the virus, in addition to intensify awareness campaigns in this area by the committee formed by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health. Khaled AlSahlawi headed by Dr.. Ghalia Al-Mutairi, and take the Ministry of Health all preventive measures and treatment in hospitals, health centers and ministry sectors different, which confirms the completeness and the readiness of the ministry to cope with the virus respects «therapeutic preventive awareness», the Commission on Emergency Health International Health Regulations WHO fourth meeting recently to discuss the reports of the amount of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and Spain for the Middle East syndrome cases of acute respiratory inflammation «Corona».
The meeting, which took about 4 hours system Talli conferencing details of the reported cases recently of the organization as well as evaluation of the epidemiological situation in the light of developments relating to new cases, and new information about the presence of the virus in the beauty, which is what has already been announced by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, note that in light of The new data saw the Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization that there was no reason to make any adjustments to its previous recommendations brought by the Director-General of the Organization, which confirmed by the Commission on the importance of strengthening the surveillance system and report any new cases and support the diagnostic capabilities and exchange of information between countries, also confirmed the Emergency Committee also on the importance of further epidemiological studies and try to detect the relationship between injuries related to isolate the virus in the beauty and animals and continue to infection control procedures and the emphasis on what recommended by the Commission before on strengthening the system of reporting and surveillance and infection control in hospitals and continuing communication between the Commission and the health authorities in WHO and the countries of the Middle East, and under the umbrella of the WHO International Health Regulations.
The meeting of the High-level effect of informing the organization about 3 cases additional confirmed cases of infection with respiratory syndrome Middle Eastern virus Coruna in the United Arab Emirates, as the organization has received a tip about the death of two of Qatar has been reaffirmed laboratory earlier on 15 and November 21, which is called Organization in light of those cases, in addition to the cases detected in Kuwait, to hold the fourth meeting of the Emergency Committee of the International Health Regulations, which already met on December 4, and includes those Committee Professor Hiriz Bajolet from Australia, Wed. Teresa Tam of Canada Wed. Salah Alaubi of Oman, Professor Tagiandra Aditama of Indonesia, and Dr. Martin will see from America, and Professor Claudia Gonzalez of Chile, Wed. Amnadesai prohibited from Georgia, Wed. Kamal al-Din virtue of Malaysia Dr. Jorn Larsen of Norway, Wed. Ziad Mamish of Saudi Arabia, Wed. Pope Carr Nodaway from Senegal, and Professor important role Rahman of Bangladesh, Professor Maha Talaat of the unit the U.S. Navy for Research in Cairo, Prof. Tomori of Nigeria, Professor Maria Zembon of Ireland.
World Health Organization in its latest report did not recommend any additional measures or special entry points currently does not recommend applying any restrictions on travel or trade, but that the organization has advised to avoid intense communion to animals when visiting farms or barns areas while avoiding contact with sick animals.

At the date of December 2 Organization announced that the total laboratory-confirmed cases that have been reported Alablagha since September 2012 has reached 163 laboratory-confirmed case he died, including 70 cases.
The organization stressed in its statement on the importance for Member States to notify WHO of any new cases of infection with full information about the conduct of inquiry about the source of exposure to infection in order to assist the organization to keep track of cases and prevent further transmission of the virus.
The d. Ghanem Hujaylan may also confirmed earlier that the injured cases infected with coronavirus in continuous improvement since entering the hospital, adding that the situation in intensive care hospital Adan has improved a great Chavt virus corona, and the device was removed, assistant lung function and breathing a a supply of oxygen directly into the blood and this is evidence of the patient's recovery and will later remove all devices assistance related to the patient fully and thus became the patient does not need insulation for the absence of the possibility of transmission of the virus and in the coming days will be transferred the patient to the pavilion after removing the devices connected to it, either the second case and the existing intensive care hospital communicable diseases has improved, but not at the required level with the health status of the patient is constantly evolving, but still connected to the device helper to work lung ventilator and still needs to supply blood oxygen directly as he needs to bring out the secretions dense existing lung but with the passage of days expected that his condition improved and we are still doing everything possible medical means to help him recover.
Health sources informed confirmed in a statement to «news» that coordination is still going on between the Doctors of communicable diseases at the Ministry of Health and their counterparts in Saudi Arabia for the exchange of the latest data and information on cases of «Corona», pointing out that he was talking also about the procedures and protocols for dealing with the injured and contacts , and laboratory diagnosis, as well as send samples to reference laboratories of the virus identified by the World Health Organization.

The sources said that the frequent meetings between the two sides showed a consensus in the application of the latest World Health Organization protocols for dealing with Corona and contacts to critical situations, pointing to continued coordination between the two parties in this regard and the exchange of information.
The sources pointed out the absence of any new cases of Corona virus in the country, stressing the readiness of health and preparations to face any emergency in this regard in all respects curative, preventive and awareness, where they were to take all preventive and curative measures in hospitals and health centers.
On the awareness, resume Awareness Committee virus «Corona» campaigns to increase awareness of HIV prevention, which included two phases to now, the first was during the pilgrimage season, and the second will continue until this time, and included schools, universities and colleges Saad Al-Abdullah for Security Sciences, and other places in order to spread health education for the prevention of corona virus.

The death of a citizen's Hospital Sudairi Sakaka

Proven case of Corona patient "Fawaz cruiser" and his family appeal to the Minister of Health quickly evacuated
News Hollow: Majid Al Rwaili lying young man / Fawwaz cruiser 37-year-old in intensive care hospital Abdulrahman Sudairi for more than 12 days in a coma folks patient said in a telephone interview with the newspaper, the news of Al-Jouf to put "Fawaz" grave and his condition is stable and during these days have not been diagnosed by doctors, raising fear and anxiety in our souls. and demanded across the news Hollow officials in the health Speed ​​evacuated to a specialized hospital until they are diagnosed and the speed of treatment update: confirmed doctors proven case of Corona by the tower will the people of the patient's daily news Hollow that the doctors said to them that after the suspicion was confirmed case "Fawaz" wounds of Corona was isolated today Chamber of private and prevent the visit with him. This development comes after the denial of health-Jouf and no cases of Corona in the region, which calls to reconsider and take the subject into consideration and not to underestimate the health of the citizens of this and appealed to the people of the patient and the health minister quickly evacuated, "Fawaz" to Hospital specialist after blunders by health Hollow  The death of a citizen's Hospital Sudairi b # Sakaka after the failure of early diagnosis of HIV # Corona and delays transferred to a specialized hospital # Ministry of Health _