Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Mali starts again in screening

...But the country intends to fight now to stem the spread. The latest warning of Tuesday evening after the death of the nurse 25 years of clinical Pasteur tested positive the same day, who treated a 66-year-old imam come to Guinea. The hotel, frequented by hundreds of people every day, has been placed in quarantine.

The Imam is he died on October 27, and a friend came to visit him, said WHO AFP, adding that both are considered probable cases of Ebola, while the clinic was initially diagnosed at an imam "malaria", according to a reporter
The Mali starts again in screening

The announcement of this new contamination occurs when the Mali was preparing to lift the quarantine of more than 100 people have approached the single case of the virus so far, that of a two year old girl came from Guinea and died Oct. 24 in Kayes in western Mali.

To believe, Doctors Without Borders (MSF), in an email to 20 Minutes, it is back to square one for Mali with this new "imported" cases. "We must again identify new suspects, isolation, find contacts, make case by case basis, carefully carry the cremated upon death and start a campaign of health prevention."