Thursday, November 13, 2014

#Ebola in Mali: Government accused of withholding information from

November 13, 2014
Mali |

Ebola-0001 Minister of Health Faced with the rise of concern about the discovery of new cases of Ebola, the government is suspected of not delivering all the information.

After the second Malian death caused by the Ebola virus, the questions begin to abound on the effectiveness of measures taken by the authorities to prevent the spread of dangerous viruses in the country.
Indeed, the fiasco that is the history of the second case does not reassure anyone. It is especially worrying that the contamination of the deceased, a young nurse, was caused by a patient came from Guinea who was hospitalized in the clinic where the young Malian worked. This Guinean died ten days before his caregiver. Between the input of Mali and Guinea the day after the death of the young nurse, fifteen days have passed without any authority triggers the alert.
Neither the health personnel of the clinic, nor the government, no one doubted the presence of Ebola virus on Malian soil.

The government would try to hide it the shortcomings of the system of prevention?

There was a time, October 29, Le Point Africa, the continent's version of the French magazine had carried a story in the border area between Mali and Guinea. Our colleagues constataient that when away from the axis Bamako Conakry, going to Koulémalé "border soon becomes a sieve."
In a town near Kourémalé, a man confided to the point that Africa is working on panning for gold side Guinea before returning to his family in Mali, but it ensures that the inspections took place only on the axis Bamako Conakry.
"Here, there is nobody to check our temperature. Every week I go to work on panning for gold to Siguiri to feed my family. No problem for me, "he had said.
These flaws, the government would not they know. Why, under the pretext of avoiding psychosis, he keep quiet some information to journalists. "We want to avoid psychosis," argues near the Malian Ministry of Health.
The Point and Africa, which obviously wanted a new authorization, states that "in recent weeks, the ministries of communication and health no longer were issuing permission for reporters to produce subjects Kourémalé. "
The Government provides little on the Ebola virus. Proof, since Monday, only one official release is out of the Ministry of Health. Meanwhile, Mali, Bamako in particular, lives on rumors. Rumors that happen to be the best means to create psychosis.