Saturday, November 1, 2014

‘Possible Ebola patient’ hospitalized in central Vietnam- update MALARIA

A Vietnamese man who arrived from Guinea five days ago is suspected of having Ebola after showing a high fever and was quarantined in a hospital in central Vietnam’s Da Nang City on Saturday.
Initial information found that Hoan My Hospital based in Da Nang admitted a patient who arrived from Guinea, one of three countries in West Africa worst affected by Ebola, at some 10:30 am on November 1.  
The patient, identified as 26-year-old Chu Van Chung, had a high fever and headache upon his arrival at the hospital, according to Hoan My Hospital.
On the afternoon the same day, Chung was transported to Da Nang Hospital where he is being fully isolated and receiving special medical attention. About 4 to 5 staff members of the hospital in protective clothes are taking care of him.
Before returning to Vietnam, Chu had worked in Guinea for two years. He departed from Guinea five days ago and went through Morocco, Qatar before landing in Vietnam through Ho Chi Minh City-based Tan Son Nhat airport.
On October 31, Chung arrived in Da Nang City and stayed in a hotel on Le Dinh Duong Street.
With regard to this suspected Ebola case, the Department of Health of Da Nang organized an emergency meeting on the same day.
At the meeting, a representative from Da Nang Hospital said the suspected Ebola patient had a high fever (up to 40 degrees C) and was in a panic when he was admitted to the hospital.
According to the representative, the hospital received the suspected patient in accordance with guidelines for diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) promulgated by Vietnam’s Ministry of Health.

The representative said the hospital has taken a sample of blood from the patient for testing and will announce the results in the next two days.

Pham Hung Chien, director of the Da Nang Department of Health, required Da Nang hospital to set up a special force to isolate the suspected Ebola patient and the hospital staff members who have contacted him alike.
WHO announced on Friday that there have been 13,567 reported Ebola cases in eight affected countries since the outbreak began, with 4951 reported deaths.  

Patients with suspected Ebola in Danang positive for malaria
Saturday, 1/11/2014 - 9:37 PM (GMT + 7)
Da Nang International Airport current temperature instrumentation passengers coming from affected areas Ebola. (Photo:
Da Nang International Airport current temperature instrumentation passengers coming from affected areas Ebola. (Photo:
Nhan Dan Online On 1-11, Department of Preventive Health (MOH) said the surveillance system of infectious diseases recorded a case of male citizens of Vietnam, 26 years old, native of Thanh Hoa, Vietnam entry date 30-10 from Guinea through the gate at Tan Son Nhat airport, then two days with high fever. According to the latest information on the evening of 1-11, the results of blood tests of patients positive for malaria parasites.
However, the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology are conducting screening tests specific for Ebola final outcome of this case and passengers still need to continue to monitor the evolving health within 21 days of Guinea exit. It is known that malaria is one of the diseases currently circulating and met in some areas of Africa.
Earlier, according to the Department of Preventive Medicine, the passenger entry made medical report and no fever. Passengers flying to Da Nang the next day. 1-11 days, passengers have high fever (40 ° C) and Hoan My hospital visit, where detection of patients with a history of returning from endemic areas has therefore been transferred to the Hospital Danang in 11 hours and 30 minutes in the day to advance into isolation for the diagnosis of fever of unknown cause.
Currently the patient is still awake, have symptoms of high fever (40 ° C), headache, but do not have symptoms like bleeding, bloody diarrhea, bleeding gums ... Currently passengers to continue to be monitored, to closely monitor developments in science Lay health of Da Nang General Hospital. Specimens were collected and transported to the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology in the evening today to confirm the diagnosis.
After the discovery of cases of fever passengers, Department of Preventive Medicine - The Health Ministry has instructed the health sector Danang closely monitor patient status changes, prepare plans, cope the situation as prescribed, and require rapid response team central region for timely inspection, monitoring and verification.
This afternoon, prevention Steering Committee of Da Nang City held a meeting to direct the deployment units prevention activities. List of all the passengers in close contact with the above being set up to track, monitor their health. To date, the medical unit of Danang has taken several measures to track patients as well as those exposed, surveillance, environmental treatment, isolation and treatment as prescribed.