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Second case of #Ebola in Mali: Confrontation versions of the Pasteur Clinic and Ministry of Health

November 13, 2014
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Second case of Ebola in Mali: Confrontation versions of the Pasteur Clinic and Ministry of Health

Clinical pastor Ebola killed Tuesday, a second Malian. The second case presents a controversy on preventive measures.

The deceased is called Salif Diarra, a young trainee nurse working 25 years at the time of the contamination, the Pasteur Clinic, a renowned medical facility in Bamako.
The occurrence of this terrible event gives rise to two versions of the facts. On the one hand the Ministry of Health defends and denies responsibility for clinical Pasteur its alert system; the other, the latter defends and says he followed the protocol provided in the matter.
Finally liar? Because there has been flaws in the system of prevention, as between the death of Guinea (October 27) and the appearance of signs of infection on the young nurse (8 November), Pasteur Clinic has been quarantine that Tuesday, November 11, 2014. Meanwhile, the body of Guinea transited Djicoroni before joining the Guinea and several of his companions, some dead, are believed to have been infected.
Furthermore, is it really possible to identify all the people who were in contact with these cases since October 25 (admission Guinean patient clinic Pasteur) until November 11, when the clinic was set Quarantine?
So who is guilty of criminal negligence that caused the delay in prevention?

The version of the Pasteur Clinic

According to the Pasteur Clinic, the young nurse has been in contact with the patient come Kourémalé (Guinea). It was received emergency clinic Oct. 25 to about 22 hours by Dr. Doumbia who was guarding. He was suffering from a serious lung disease. His illness worsened and he died there on 27 October.
It was after his death, according to the clinic, the services of the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene, alerted by WHO Guinea, came to the clinic to get the attention of staff in the case of which deceased patient died of Ebola. The body of Guinea was already repatriated to his village in Guinea Kourémalé not without passing through Djicoroni para.
Management Clinic says taking steps of bringing in health monitoring all who had returned in contact with the Guinean patient, and the department provided a list containing the names of all of them.
It is in this condition that the young Salif Diarra was presented Saturday, November 8 in an alarming picture characterized by vomiting, diarrhea and bleeding. He was immediately given, according to the Pasteur Clinic, Dr Samba Sow, Coordinator of the Emergency Operations Center, and the sample was taken from the patient on Sunday, November 9 but the result fell that Tuesday, day where he died.

The Ministry of Health supports the clinical

The authorities agree with the clinical history of the patient Guinea before his death. Moreover, according to the coordinator of the emergency operations center, Professor Samba Sow, it had even been submitted to the Ebola test by health workers to the Guinean border and had no symptoms of the virus.
But where the versions do not match at all, this is the time when the authorities were informed about the case of a suspicious death. According Samba Sow, the Department has been informed of the danger November 10 WHO Guinea. Anything that gave rise to "investigate the same day health services on a health worker reported having contact with a patient from Guinea supported by a private clinic located in Commune IV in Bamako District "according to the statement from the Ministry of Health.
The ministry said in the same statement that the blood sample was taken the same Monday, November 10, 2014 on the subject and the results were positive Ebola Tuesday, November 11, 2014, date of death of the nurse contaminated.
To believe the coordinator of the emergency operations center, the clinic would have alerted earlier.

What about the facts?

The truth, we do find that in the WHO Guinea. According to the preliminary investigation report conducted by the organization, the Malian authorities have actually been warned on 10 November. In this report, the WHO recommended them to "immediately investigate clinical Pasteur Bamako", but also "the new private clinic Kourémalé Malian side," where the patient had undergone Guinea consultations before going to the Pasteur Clinic .
WHO has also indicated that the disease suffered by the Guinean patient is a complication that often appears when the Ebola virus disease reached an advanced stage in the body of a patient. Also, several laboratory tests were conducted on him by the agents of the Pasteur Clinic, but never for Ebola, according to WHO.
However, the clinic staff is trained to detect suspected cases of Ebola.
In addition, contrary to what tells the direction of the clinical Shepherd, by them, nobody was aware of the serious case of the nurse who had "presented Saturday, November 8" in an alarming picture. A particularly irresponsible attitude that authorities accuse officials clinic trying to hide the passage of emergency operations coordinator of the center, another suspect cases, the patient's attending physician Guinea, they had already hospitalized the premises of the hospital.