Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ebola nurse's African roommate sick with Ebola: 'Arrogant' nurse freed by judge

Ebola nurse Kaci Hickox continued bucking at her quarantine and won in court as the judge lift the governor's ban. This is leaving a lot of folks with a bad taste in their mouth today, as this health worker is seen as someone snubbing her nose at the health of her own countrymen. It is not up to her to decide if people are over reacting in the face of the Ebola crisis overseas.

What should be left up to her is showing that she cares as much about the people in the U.S. as she did for the people in West Africa. News Max reports on Oct. 31 that the nurse has been taking a stand and she hasn't swayed from it a bit, she is adamant she knows what is best for her and she will be leaving her house.
The recent reveal that Hickox’s roommate in West Africa was suffering from Ebola, has really spiked concerns about the nurse’s defiance when it comes to her quarantine. Not only was she exposed during her working hours, but also during her off-work hours because she lived with someone who now has the disease.
PJ Media, who refers to Hickox as “the arrogant nurse,” reports that the Maine CDC revealed that while in West Africa the nurse’s roommate became infected with Ebola. Her roommate didn't know how she became infected with Ebola. Maine’s governor, Paul LePage, came do.n on the nurse with his full authority ordering a quarantine for the nurse with a police presence in front of her home. That was knocked down by a judge today.
LePage conveyed his disappointment that the judge lifte...